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    Busch Gardens! One of the many fun attractions in the Tampa Bay Area!

    Busch Gardens
    Busch Gardens

    Busch Gardens is a 335-acre, African-themed family entertainment and adventure park featuring thrill rides, live music, performances, and a multitude of exotic animals in natural habitat settings. Visitors can take a safari to see animals grazing on the plains with reproductions of African villages and camps, and the Serengeti Night Safari is one of the most popular options. There are several special animal encounters available, including the opportunity to hand-feed kangaroos and giraffes; watch as park staff members tend to their patients at the Animal Care Center; and get up close to some of the favorite residents, including sloths and flamingos. There are a wide variety of exciting things to do at the park, including kiddie rides and water rides, but Busch Gardens is best known for its roller coasters that are an extreme thrill experience. There are several ticketing options for Busch Gardens including multi-park passes and packages that include in-park dining.

    Address: 10165 North McKinley Drive, Tampa, Florida